is coming! :) It is a much-anticipated time of the year when I would pull out Christmas CD or reminiscent beautiful memories of the holidays. This website~http://pandora.com/ is able to play any selection of Christmas songs I fancy and I am listening to it as I type this sentence now. :)

We just did a Christmas party that the Nursing Director of LLUBMC threw for her Nurse managers. One of the items is Specialty breads basket. There are times when ordinary breads will do. And there are times when only extraordinary will suffice. Times like...holiday parties. And hence, I went to 3 stores to purchase these breads...

with homemade spreads~ fresh apple butter, whipped peanut butter, maple butter and jelly...
Made-to-order burrito wrapped by head chef on-site. Filling option includes sausage, egg, hash, potatoes. Tortilla options are sundried tomato, white and whole wheat.
I thought I would post up the thank-you notes from the director and her assistant as it serves as a reminder to constantly provide the best customer service and going the extra mile. :)
The Nursing director sent an email of thanks, "Hi Cherry, Thank you for setting us up today. That was very special breakfast. I truly enjoy working with you. Sincerely, Norie
Her assistant's email read, "Cherry and Kristine, thanks so much to both of you and your staff for really making our little party very special!! Your hard work and dedication to your craft really shows in everything that was done to make our party really awesome! Please know how appreciated you all are! Much gratitude, Traci"

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