Halloween Party & Step -it-Up Event

Well, I am not an advocate for Halloween-type parties where gory costumes or atmosphere scare my wits. However, I do enjoy making fun foods i.e. Halloween- type foods. :p We did a fun event for the Child and Adolescent unit at LLUBMC.

Muddy Chocolate pudding

Cheese pizza with olives in the shape of a spider

Pop corn monster hands ( the tips are candy corn)

Green punch

They get to decorate their own cupcakes with fun toppings!
I did not expect the kids to enjoy it so much. They did a hand-made card to thank the department for the special lunch and snacks they received. The administrative director of Youth Services and Social Services also sent us an email of thanks...
"Cherry & dietary team,
Thank you so much for the special treats for the kids for Halloween. They absolutely loved the cupcake decorating table, great decorations, special foods, and the cauldron of punch. It was fun to see how much the kids enjoyed it – and the staff too. Several staff commented on how special it was and how much it meant to the kids.
You and your team made the kids feel special – and that is so important to kids in the hospital. Thank you!"

A nice quote to remember to be all that you can be...you'll never know when you're making a difference to someone!
"To the world, you might be one person...but to one person, you might be the world!" -anonymous

As for the cafeteria, we had ready-made cupcakes.

~ Encourage all BMC employees to walk and the person/ team with the highest number wins!

We did the catering for them...and one of the highlights was-

FAT-FREE brownies~

People loved it...it was moist and chocolate-rich. *YUM* Comparing the calories between the regular one and fat-free one is astounding. 9 CAL vs 54 CAL for an 11 gm brownie.

Secret trick- add apple sauce instead of oil to the box of brownies mix. :)
I made a TARO fresh cream cake just for Reed :)

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