I'm still around!

Sorry guys..haven't been updating my blog as much as I'd like too. I've been busy and there are too many happenings that I'm not sure what I should blog anymore. lol *wink* Oh, I'll be in Thailand this weekend for the ASI convention!*excited smiles* The last one I attended was in Hangzhou and it was such a blessed and wonderful experience that I hope it'd be just as great this year! :D ( can't believe how quickly two years went by!!)
Anyways, let me just share some foody stuff---

Don't know if you've heard of LANA cake shop but they sell the best chocolate cakes in town! "Home-made with love," as the boss calls it, they're not too sweet and taste absolutely heavenly! Cakes need to be pre-ordered during peak periods like Christmas. Check it out if you're in Singapore!
Papa went by this place to get pineapples. They sell the BEST pineapples!! Seriously, these Sarawak grown pineapples are sweeter than Hawaiian ones. Apparently ex-prime minister Goh Chok Tong's wife buys from them too. Papa lives up to his name as "Fruits King" since he always gets the best and sweetest fruits!

He bought Rainer cherries that are juicy, crunchy, sweet and huge! Absolutely love it. :) I haven't seen such excellent cherries in the USA (even when we went cherry picking..the cherries were small and not as sweet) because all the best ones are exported overseas. Lucky Singaporeans! Noi Noi = 'my baby girl'

I call my youngest sister 'noi' or 'baby girl.' She is such a sensible and sweet girl that I cannot resist hugging her!
She loves these Melt -in -your -mouth cheese cookies and ate almost the whole batch of it! It's like kueh bangkit with a different twist of savory cheese. .It's really easy to make and will be my sure-win cookie recipe!!

Noi is such a food connoisseur with a sharp tongue for delicacies- anything that she likes is usually good and tasty. Although she's young (1st year in Nanyang JC), she cooks really well. I'm more into the baking area while she is more passionate about the cooking aspect. Hey, together we create a storm! haha ;)At the final baking session with Irene, we made several items with the same pastry dough....

Love Tiramisu? Hands on baking session making Tiramisu + sponge fingers + chocolate cornflakes cup->
Made vegetarian satay with Shannon Ang at Jalan Besar CC. I love the satay and Tauhu goreng recipes!!! I like her idea of adding pineapple puree to the peanut sauce to add vitamin C to the "heaty" and hot mixture.

When I first heard the name Pastry top bun, I wasn't sure what kind of bun it was! However, after making it, I must say that it lives up to its name. The top is made of pastry with a bun filling wrapped inside. Yum.
Look at how beautiful it 'blossoms'...I learnt how to make the puff pastry and it is indeed a lot of work and very time-consuming. Fortunately it cane be frozen and kept for up to a year. And with that one pastry recipe, many things can be made, including apple tart...( need a special roller to get the top design effect)and these---Portuguese egg tarts!!!( see the specks on the top? Do you know that the type of milk used will affect it?)
These pillow soft bread lives up to its name....they are really pillow-soft!!!

Well, Happy Birthday, Singapore!!! & have a good August 9, Singaporeans!

cheers, Cherry ^__^

Disclaimer: All the recipes posted are for my personal references and/or adapted from mentioned instructors or books. They/I reserve the rights to it. Please remember to cite your sources! Thank you.