Bak Ku Teh

Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Besides the tradition fare, I made a Singaporean dish - BAK KU TEH ( vegetarian). 
The secret was the soup base. I added several vegetable stems, tomatoes, celery, soy beans, goji berries and let it boil for an hour. Strain all the items and return the soup base to the stove. 
Deep fry the veggie beef stew meat for 10 seconds.  Throw them into the pot, along with the Bak Ku teh mix, sliced lotus root, bean curd, fried soy bean cake, daikon, carrot, shitake mushroom ( soaked over night), and red dates..... let it stew for 4 hours. :) 
The picture might not look very appetizing but the taste is delicious :)
Baked cupcakes for my roommate's birthday party :) K is such a sweet girl and I am so blessed to be her housemate. :) Thank you Lord, for your abundant blessings!

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