It's been a couple of months since my last blog entry. ( But I'm back!) 
 My guilty obsession with ice -cream will be a never-ending journey that I hate to confess. Ever since my first visit to A La Minute Ice Cream place on my birthday in May, I have been there a few more times over the last couple months. This ice-cream is made to order and frozen on the spot using liquid nitrogen. The cream base is organic and products are locally sourced.
orange honey  

espresso chip 
 Avocado w/ ginger snaps :( not nice..
my new favorite! Jamaica Hibiscus Flower with Flower honey and edible flowers 

Also, we went to Ferrel's Ice Cream for my birthday...
 And Ranu restaurant...
 Celebration at work with cake and indian food!
 more cake..
 and dessert!
I guess this post about my birthday is not too late since I just received a belated present today---- It's a cake pops book by Bakerella!  :)

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