Cooking w J. & Turnip Cake ( Luo Po Gao)

It was a relaxing Saturday so J. and I made some dishes, with whatever I had in my refrigerator...
Kabocha ( Japanese variety of winter squash) Stir-fry with several slices of ginger, a whole red onion, salt, pepper, sugar and sesame oil.  
 Taiwan lettuce with garlic, ginger, vegetarian oyster sauce, pepper and salt
~ Luo Po Gao ~ Turnip cake ~
My Taiwanese friend shared this recipe and I love it!
1 Daikon, shredded
3 cups Rice flour + 3 cups water
4 shitake mushrooms
3 T Fried onions

Place the mushrooms in water and soak them until soft. Remove them from the water ( but do not throw away the water) and slice them finely.
Chop few pieces or garlic and shallots. Heat the wok with oil and add the garlic and shallots. Once they become crispy, add in the mushrooms. Season with vegetarian oyster sauce, pepper, mirin and soy sauce. Add in the mushroom water and let it boil for a few minutes.
Add in the daikon and cook for few minutes. Toss in salt and pepper and once it becomes soft, add in the rice flour water. Constantly stir and once the mixture thickens, turn off the fire and place the mixture in a pan. 
Steam for 30 minutes. Cool it and place in the refrigerator over-night.
Cut into slices. Pan-frying is optional.
Serve with Kecap manis sweet sauce and vegetarian oyster sauce mixture.  

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