Yard House Gardein Menu

When I heard that Yard House implemented a gardein menu at all their restaurants, I immediately thought to myself that it was an ingenious idea. I had to try it! Hence, I brought several key people at work to sample the food and all of us liked it. It tasted the same as the real deal. 
 Here is the link to their menu:  http://www.yardhouse.com/menus/gardein.aspx
gardein™ (MAC + CHEESE)2 - chicken, wild mushrooms, cheddar, parmesan, campanelle pasta & truffle oil

gardein™ THAI CHICKEN NOODLE SALAD - egg noodles, grilled chicken, broccoli-carrot-sprout-cabbage-cilantro slaw and spicy peanut vinaigrette

gardein™ CHICKEN & AVOCADO SANDWICH - swiss, lettuce, tomato & mayo on onion poppy seed bun

 gardein™ ORANGE PEEL CHICKEN- crispy chicken, baby corn & bok choy in spicy sweet orange glaze with jasmine or brown rice

gardein™ SPICY THAI CHICKEN PIZZA - firecracker sauce, mozzarella, macadamia nuts, carrots, green onion & cilantro
I really enjoy talking about food with people, disecting the dish to re-create it at home.
Thank you Lord for all your blessings! :)

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