Celebrate National Day! :)

Happy birthday Singapore! :)
Few of us decided to have a "celebrate national day" party...and eat local foods.
Ee-fu noodles
Hainan Chicken Rice ( veggie and non-vegetarian)
Mee Siam
Assam Laksa
Savory Taro Cake
Bak Ku Teh ( vegetarian)
Glass Jelly Drink
Cantalope w sago/milk/coconut shreds and juice
Ice Kachang
Pandan Chiffon Cake
Apple Pie ( made by my white American friend:P )
 These noodles were brought over by mummy when she came over last month. This particular brand is the best and cannot be found at Asian markets in the US.

To cook eefu noodles,

-First, boil the noodle in hot water. Once cooked, remove them from water and set aside.
-Fry onion/ garlic in a pan. Add the noodles and seasoning. Remove from pan and set aside.
-Fry onions until crispy. Add in sliced shitake mushroom ( it must be soaked until soft...keep the mushroom water) boil for 10 mins.
-Add in straw mushroom, and chives followed by seasoning, salt
-Off the fire, mix the noodles and ingredients together

Vegetarian Chicken Rice
To cook the chicken rice

-Heat oil. Fry minced ginger until crispy. Followed by garlic, then pandan leaf
-Add rice. Continue frying for 5 minutes. Add in soy sauce, mushroom seasoning, salt, pepper.
-Remove from pan and place in rice cooker to cook. For regular chicken rice, add in the chicken stock. for vegetarian chicken rice, add in water.
(4 cups rice = 1 clove garlic and 2 inches ginger )

 Chili  - Blend 1 pc small onion, 2 inches ginger, 2-3 garlic, 10 chili ( take out seed). Add salt pepper, sugar. Lime can be added just before eating.
Picture of Assam Laksa brought by A. :)
 Grass Jelly Drink..refreshing on a hot day!
more pictures of the table full of food...
Cantaloupe, coconut shreds, coconut milk, milk, sago....
Apple pie..
pandan cake
Forgot to take pictures of the ice kachang, bak ku teh, and taro cake. :)
It was a fun gathering and a big thanks to all the people who came to help out. :)
God bless! :)

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