Artisanal LA Fair

"Smiling is good for the heart, Laughing is good for the soul and Loving will keep you living, laughing, and smiling" quoted from a tweet today. Life is short so live your fullest best, is what I constantly have to remind myself :) :)
The highlight of my weekend was visiting Santa Monica Place for the Artisanal LA Fair. It was not as big as some others that I have been to but it had a nice home-made touch from artisanal, local (100) vendors. 
I took lots of pictures but can't upload all of them here. So here's a sampling of what I saw. :)
Mini pies
I like these sugar pieces. There were many different shapes- sea-shells, heart, star...etc. It's a nice one to use for bridal showers, tea parties or weddings. 
There were many different flavors too. Vanilla sugar, organic sugar, cinnamon sugar....etc...
Kitchen Towels with inspiring words :)
Pie-Sicles, with rice in the bucket
Flower Arrangement workshop!
What I did, with the help of the demo instructor :)
 We had fun taking pictures at the photo booth! :)

 I'm looking forward to Uniquely LA fair on May 8...Apparently it has about 300 vendors. :)
 God bless!!  :)

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