Susan Feniger's Street

After hearing strories of how my parents met Susan Feniger in Singapore, I told myself that I had to check out her restaurant. Apparently, my mum didn't know who she was at that point but striked a conversation with her and brought her around the city to try out different foods. My mum was impressed by her down- to- -earth nature and love for food!
Check out her restaurant website/menu.... http://www.eatatstreet.com/
742 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles 90038
What we ordered:
Couscous with parsley, mint, dried apricots and fresh lemon juice
Baby Back Ribs in spicy Korean miso glaze with ginger scallion cream
Tatsutage Fried Chicken marinated with sake, soy, mirin, crispy fried in rice batter, topped with spciy kewpie mayonaise sauce
It is an experience to be there. Sometimes people who work at a place do it as a routine but it is important to make every person who comes your way an impression that will last for it may be their last.

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