Updated Fall 09..

Mummy came to visit us and it was such a blessing to have her. :) She is a fine example of how deep God's love is for His children. I am touched by her dedication. It is sum of the many little things she does makes that makes her very special in my heart.

@ Getty Villa

Over thanksgiving, we went up-north to Sacramento to visit Cheri. It was so nice catching up with her and hanging out with her fiancee and his family.

Had hot pot by the fire place on a rainy day... :)

We had to stop by San Francisco to visit Ghiradelli Chocolate factory :)

Sear's world's smallest pancakes. RJ Restaurant in Chinatown is one really nice chinese restaurant.

SOLVANG...largest Dutch capital in the USA
Aebleskiver- similar to pancakes, but in a round shape

Breakfast @ Rowland Heights

Foodservice Week Medical Center

Mid-Autumn Festival- Chang E Musical

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