San Francisco and Monterey Bay

Over this Labor day weekend, we went up north for a short trip...and here are some pictures. :)

Caramel Pop corn @ Monterey Bay

Ghiradelli Chocolate factory @ San Francisco

Famous Sour dough bread @ SF

Williams Sonoma Store @ Union Square, SF

Recipes up on the wall..

Famous Sear's Pancakes & strawberry waffles!
Best freshly whipped cream in the market. :)

Best waffles :)
"Wholeness means the lifelong, harmonious development of the physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of a person's life, unified through a loving relationship with God and expressed in generous service to others." - Loma Linda University Medical Center
I love working for Loma Linda University Medical Center and embrace it's vision and core values. Wholeness, as described above is one of the core values. Taking mini breaks away from work to align one self with God, family and friends is healthy for the whole being.
Life is a blessing from God. Be a blessings to others! :)

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Uncle Phil said...

Greetings from Sydney. I came across your interesting blog this morning and have added in favourite list.

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