Pizza day

First of all, I want to apologize to those who knew my http://www.cherrykitchen.org/ domain and thought that I had "disappeaered" when nothing came up. Apparently, it wasn't directed to the http://www.sakurambokitchen.blogspot.com/ domain. I didn't know about this glitch until yesterday and am glad that yahoo fixed the problem immediately. So it's back to normal now. Either domains will lead you to my blog. I still haven't had the chance to create a website without using blogspot. ;p

For Dr. Paul's seminar today, we had a wide variety of mini pizzas!
Sauce: BBQ, marinara, veganaise
Toppings: diced pineapples, olives, various colored peppers, onions, diced chicken, cubed roast beef, cilatnro ( for the BBQ sauce one), diced mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, shredded mozerella cheese, bits of sundried tomatoes, basil leaves, fresh mozerella cheese, veggie meat, Italian herbs for sprinkling...etc...
Directions: On the base of the crust, add the sauce, followed by shredded cheese, various toppings and finally, cheese again.
Enjoy and serve warm!~

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