Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Chinese New Year is one holiday that I look forward to every year since I was a child. It is a time for family reunions and upholding traditions. Receiving Hong baos (red packets stuffed with lots of money), wearing new dresses, and eating Lo Hei are some traditional routines. However, I feel that as the years pass, the excitment of the CNY celebration dims. It's significance and excitment seems to be especially negligible this year. I wonder why?
I think most of my best memories were when I was child. Maybe it is because when I was a young kid, the impact of everything was magnified ten-fold due to inexperience?
But Chinese New Year hasn't completely lost it's charm, because it never fails to remind me of how blessed I am to have my family and friends, and how precious life is. Another moment in the year to relish the past and look to the future. :)
This year, BMC celebrated Chinese New Year with all the managers after the Administration Council meeting. It was a fine surprise as it was held in conjunction with a welcome party for me and farewell party for Renee. Every one at the meeting received a $1 or $20 hong bao. I was one of the lucky three people to receive a $20 hong bao with a proverb that says, "A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections."

Here are some pictures from Renee's farewell party...
I made Strawberry Trifle bowl cakes~ layers of strawberries, sponge cake, whipped cream and pudding.
Cream puffs drizzled with dark chocolate and powdered sugar
Picture above is : Chocolate-coated Almond-hazelnut Corn flakes cups.
Today, we had a major catering event for the CD gradaution ceremony for 150 people. I managed to take a few shots of what the Nutritional service department did...

Fresh Fruit platters
Vegetable platter & artichoke dip...and cheese bruschetta bread (which i forgot to take pictures of)
Sizzly apple juice fountain
Before I sign off, I just want to say how wonderful it has been to see how my little blog has grown. I just checked the census on clustermaps and 645 people read my blog in a day?! 36,000+ views since 12 Feb 2007 (2 more days to a one year anniversary) and the other site meter said 19,000. I am not sure how they calculate it but the numbers seem phenomenal. To think that someone in Dubai, Australia, various part of USA or Europe is reading even this setence that I typed is mind-boggling. Sorry if I haven't been replying your questions or mails....have been really busy with work....
May this year be one that is prosperous in every way- spiritually, relationally, financially and experientially. Good luck~Cheers! :)

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Ann said...

Happy chinese new year cherry! the strawberry trifle looks good.

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