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So far, we had 2 cake sessions with Richard but I didn't get a chance to update it because I was busy...just came back from Malaysia! Oooohhh...the fruits were cheap and sweet. ^__^I don't know if you've heard of "PULASAN"- I haven't until now. Apparently they are cousins of Rambutan, hence the similar look. But they taste sweeter and better than rambutans. Love it. :) I ate one of the best Assam fish dish located at Pasar Burong Taman Malacca- Batu Enam. If you're staying around there, you really got it try it!! The fragrance of the assam and tenderness of the fish blew my tastebuds away. Seriously, I do not endorse fish dishes that easily. ;) *yum* I have posted up pictures of the stuff we did....if you're interested in the recipes, I don't mind sharing it to you. It is too much work to type all these recipes out. I did it previously because it was a good way for me to sort out my thoughts, scribbles, words and a good way to store my recipe collections. ( I like paperless things because I lose papers easily. That's why I cannot live without my pda and computer!) However, I have been attending too many sessions that it's too time-consuming to type it all out. ;p Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Rolling it up...
2. FINGER SPONGE (to decorate the sides of the durian fudge cake)
*moist and fragrant*

4. CHOCOLATE GATEAU CAKE *rich and velvety*

continuous concentric circles...

smaller sandwich rounds...


Hazy said...


I like Durian Fudge Cake and Choclate Gateau Cake. Where did u learn them? mind sharing your recipes with me at hazelineg@gmail.com?

christina said...

Hi Cherry,
I came across your post on Durian Fudge Cake and fell in love with it.
Could you kindly share the recipe and email me at christina_tan_58@hotmail.com

Dawn said...

Dear Cherry,
The Choclate Gateau Cake looks good. I hope u can share the recipe with me. Email: dngk16@yahoo.com.sg
Many Thanks.

liz said...

Hi Cherry,

I've been trying to attend Richard Goh's classes but either timing/locations have been impossible. Can you please share the recipe for the chocolate gateau cake and durain fudge cake ? Much appreciated!

Email: insensitive@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Hi cherry i just come across ur blog while searching for a durian fudge cake make for my hubby birtday who love durian .. mind sharing the recipe with me ? pls email me at blackdiscuss@hotmail.com. many many thks


Patricia Leong said...

Hi Cherry...saw your durian fudge cake...and the Chocolate Gateau Cake...Yummy! Mind sharing your fab recipes? Please kindly email me @ pleong17@gmail.com
Thanks very much in advance! Much appreciated!


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