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"AAAHHHhhhahhh!!!" was all I said to mummy when she picked up the phone. Still dazzled and elated from the written words, "Congratulations, you have passed the Registration Exam..." I was trying to come to terms with my Registered Dietitian status now: C Zhuang, RD. All the years of studying, 800 clinical hours at the various hospital, sleepless nights were paid off in a 3 hr exam that determined if I qualify to have an official dietitian title. Phew~ I made it.:) I wonder how I would feel if it were otherwise.
oo lala

Actually, deep down in my heart, I knew that it'd be alright although there were natural doubts of failure. It was not because of tthe confidence I had in my ability or hardwork. Far from it. It was the fact that God reminded me that He has a work for me to do. Remember the last post about my sore throat/fever? Well, I did not elaborate on HOW I got sick. I made myself sick with the stuff I did. The night before I fell sick, I slept at 5 AM (in the morning) because I couldn't sleep from the mocha frap drink I had earlier in the day. It was loaded with caffeine that my body wasn't used to. Later that day, I ate chips and snacks without drinking much water to bring forth an itchy dry throat. I ate whatever I wanted without remembering that "..your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own..." 1 Corinthians 6:19. How can I be qualified to be a real dietitian in God's eyes? I don't think God wants me to treat my body this way -I needed a change. During this resting period, it gave me an opportunity to reflect and make positive changes. I thank God for that and the way He has and will be leading. If I did not fall sick and had passed the exam, it'd be by-my-own-might. However, with the sick intervention, God has reminded me that everything belongs to Him. Nothing good can come out of me by my own strength. Hence, one week ago, I felt that God has something more in stored for me and would definitely (100%) see me through. He did. :)

viva foreever

Those of you who are still studying or experiencing life's stresses, I just want to say that when you give your burdens to God, He will carry it and see you through. Nothing is too hard for Him. He wants the BEST for you in His time. If He had brought you this far, He will finish what He started. Pray and Pray!

Read the law of success for more motivation. I printed it out and stuck it at the back of my folder to remind me that I CAN do it~ it's all in the state of mind.

baskin robbins

Oh, I thank God for awesome friends and families who were praying for me all this week! Thanks for your text msgs, phone calls...I really felt your prayers. Today was a crazy day with so many things happening but I made it through. ~Praise God!
On to more happies~~~

happy birthday

It was my birthday on May 8!!!
Life seems to be spinning and never stopping~ can't believe another year has passed!!! Guess what I got from these awesome friends?
They know that I'm a direction-less gal when it comes to driving on roads. It got me to the testing center in LA> LA roads are crazy and confusing... Now that I have it, I wonder how I lived without it before. ;p


I love this birthday card that came along with it!! Han said, " I think you're an upside-down pineapple-carrot-german chocolate cake personality -with pecans!" Hmm..I think so too. haha ;p

birthday card
Isn't this cuddly blue teddy bear cute!? But on closer look, it has the words, " it's a boy" on it. I nearly "fainted" when i saw it. Ok, to be precise, I was laughing when i got it. lol Got the hint- you want me to have a bf. *wink*
Hmm, I'll use the nails when ------ I get married? Just joking....lol. Never tried these before.

YAWN..I'm getting tired....it's been a long day BUT i just can't wait to blog it tomorrow. Ohh, I'm thinking of baking something to thank my professors tomorrow....
Last but not least, I got a surprise mail from Singapore today! Seems like it arrived just in time as a present for my hard work.
Thanks DARL for these thoughtful stuff your sent. The sakura cell phone pouch fits my phone perfectly! I'll model the shirt for you one day......:D Sisters forever~
sweet dreams and good night. :)

love, Cherry Z, RD *wink*

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Darlene said...

SURPRISE! Glad you finally received my parcel from Spore! Hope you like it! Congrats, Omedato! I knew you will make it through, we are so proud of you cherry! All our prayers were answered! May God lead you in your new phrase of life! Love you always,

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