spring onion pancake demonstration : video

Happy (early) birthday, Jayce & Danny! We gathered at Jayce's place to eat, cook, and have fun. ^__^ We made all these from scratch: dumplings "jiao zhi", spring rolls, pan fried spring onion pancakes and sesame balls. Catch this video if you want to watch Danny and AJ show their pan-fried spring onion pancake-making skills and, pictures of my years of friendship with Jayce. She's one of the 'best-est' person in the world! Come by my blog on tuesday to see Jayce's cake.... *wink*

Eileen's going back to Taiwan...don't know when we'll meet again...hope to see you sometime...................

ALL the best! *zhu ni chen gong*
She chose to eat ~ @ The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe~

Address: 120 East State street Redlands, CA 92373, #909-792-3313

As you can tell from the shop's name, they specializes in pizza, ranging from traditional gourmet pizzas to garden vegetarian ones. I chose Angel's Delight which contains:Ricotta cheese, Roasted garlic, Mushroom, Artichoke heart, Tomato,Green onion, Mozzarella & Parmesan cheese. Sounds yummy ;p BUT: since I like thin crust pizzas, this thick crust did not really appeal to me although it's better than frozen or regular pizzas. It's also a good place to hang out with its peaceful and nice ambience

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