I just registered a new domain for my food blog!
And the website address is:::
I had to choose .org since .com was taken. Apparently, the person who bought cherrykitchen.com is asking an opening price of $1550, which is atrociously outrageous!
Well, the reason why I've decided to get this domain is because I'm getting tired of repeating 's-a-k-u--r-a-m-b-o' to non-Japanese friends. It's like speaking French to a Chinese. They just can't remember how to spell the word. Worst, after taking forever to write down sakurambokitchen.blogspot.com, they'd lose that piece of paper and ask me for it again!
Sure, I can repeat it but i guess the best way would be to get another domain- something that is easy to remember, short and reflects my passion.
"cherrykitchen.org "
short and sweet, i hope!
For now, I'll stick to blogger until I learn the art of hosting and creating a website, which will not be very soon.*grin* ;) Hence, cherrykitchen.org will still direct you to sakurambokitchen.blogspot.com ( and vice versus), until I have a new website created.

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