Muah Chee

I've finally decided to make aunty Fiona's Muah Chee recipe and it came out great! If you want store-bought muah chee taste, you got to try her simple and easy-to-follow recipe. It was made in a jiffy! Lily's version was just as good. Thanks to both of them, I sucessfully made Muah Chee! ^___^
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muah chee
Muah Chee is a Chinese specialty snack eaten throughout Southeast Asia. It is a boiled gooey rice dough cut into small pieces and coated with finely chopped peanuts and sugar.
Aunty FIona's version
Glut. Rice Flour, 1 cup
water, 3/4-1 cup
(Measurement of flour and rice is typically 1 :1, one to one portion)
Onion Oil., few T
1 pkt of grounded peanut (ready- made ones avilable in asian stores)
sugar, 1/4 cup
~ Place water and flour into a big bowl
~Stir until like a smooth batter.
~Add 1 tablespoon of onion oil or slightly more
(fry onions in oil and use the oil. This is optional . regular vegetable oil can be used instead. The only difference is the frarance of onions.)
~ Stir the batter again until even.
~Grease the tin used before steaming
~Steam until the batter become a sticky dough, approximately 10 mins.
(to test, use a chopstick and poke it in the middle. If batter oozes out, it is not cooked)
~ Cool it before using a scissor to cut into small pieces
~ On a flat plate, pour grounded peanuts and sugar. Mix well.
~Add the dough to the peanut sugar mixture.
~Using an oiled scissor, snip into smaller pieces and coat well with peanuts. If it is not going to be eaten immediately, remove a small piece enough to be eaten, leave the rest of the dough and peanut mixture sepeartely.
I was browsing Lily's blog and found out that she made muah chee using a microwave with a little variation to the ingredients. I tried it and it came out just as good! The coconut taste was very subtle and not noticable. Adapting from her blog, this was what i did...
Alternative version: MICROWAVE!!
Grease a microwavable bowl with oil and pour batter in it. Cover the lid and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Remove from microwave and stir in one direction the semi-cooked dough. Microwave on high for another 30 seconds. Repeat until it is cooked. Rest of the steps are the same.
Alternative ingredients i used:
To the above ingredients, add 2 tsp coconut cream, 2 t of sugar and 1 tsp oil. Decrease the water to 1/2 cup.

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