If you're ever around LA, you really have to go to these 3 places that we went today! Food places, of course ;)
1st stop: BCD Tofu House!
3575 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
tofu house
There are many dishes to order but the one that's my fave is the Tofu and Vegetable salad. Salad? Hey, its not a regular kind of salad. The tofu is crisp on the outside but soft on the inside. The dressing is the secret to this dish. Can anyone tell me their secret? *wink* LOL
2nd stop: ~After 20 mins drive from Tofu house, its........
Beard Papa: fresh'n natural cream puffs.
It brought back memories of the times when I was in Singapore. It was in Takashimaya foodcourt basement where I first tried it. I should say that it was a love at first bite experience. haha. They have advanced so quickly from vanilla flavor to green tea, strawberry, chocolate, etc flavors.
Way to go!
The Beard Papa's Sweets Cafe we went to was located in West Los Angeles' Little Osaka, along the strip of Sawtelle Boulevard between Santa Monica, known to those who are in the know simply as "Sawtelle."
Address: 2130 Sawtelle Blvd. Suite #110Los Angeles, CA 90025
#(310) 479-6665
beard papa
3rs stop: 2 mins walk from beard papa.....
PINK BERRY ice cream!!!
It's awesome. The interior design is trendy and the concept is fresh. Check out their web for more info : http://www.pinkberry.com/*You can tell that its really popular from the long waiting line. *
Location: 11301 Olympic Blvd #107, West LA, CA 90064
pink berry ice cream

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