CNY @ LLCC & Birthday celebration weekend

It was a BZ, busy weekend!!!
As you can tell from these pictures, I had an extremely fun time. *wheeeee*
(this chinese-style suit is tailor-made from Shanghai ;p)
In the evening, the Chinese New Year celebration included features like:

lion dance, martial arts stunts, qi gong shows, songs, dance...not forgetting 4 rows of food!

Several of us continued enjoying the night with Settlers Board game.
And ended the night by eating Tang yuan in hot ginger soup perfect for the cold night.
Have a wonderful (fire) Piggy New Year!
The NEXT DAY......
after a few hours of sleep, it was time to make Taro cake for...
wongs and lims b
wongs and lims b2
Rachel's cam has the option of taking 10 pictures continuously every 3 seconds.
With this awesome feature, we placed the camera on the chair while we practiced all kinds of looks:
seductive, angry,mysterious, innocent, happy,chirpy.....
Aren't these pictures spontaneous and cool?! ^____^
the crazy ladies (quoted from Rach)
the crazy ladies
heart friends ^___^
heart friends

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