Weekend foods

I feel blessed when people truly appreciate and enjoy the food I make...its a nice feeling. This is the first time I've received such rave reviews about the congee. *grin*
~breakfast menu~
Congee/ jok:plain and sweet potato
(**secret: add diced shallots or onions, sliced ginger as the rice's cooking. The longer its cooked, the better...and i used sushi rice)
Assorted toppings:
bamboo shoots, sliced omelet, century egg, BBQ tofu, chinese parsley, vegetarian floss, gluten,
Vegan Strawberry pancakes ( made of soy, potato, whole wheat flour)
topped with jewel dressing (strawberry with sago)
Fruits platter
Soy milk

sunday breakfast

In the evening...
Cuisines from around the world!
gathering in lindsay
And sat evening was sushi night!
sushi night

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darlene said...

The congee and sushi looks yummy..wish i could try some!; )interesting way of sushi: with alfafa sprouts in them...

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