8 treasure dessert- Taiwanese style

We ate this at a Taiwanese restaurant...
For Taiwan shaved ice, you pick eight ingredients (that's why its called 8 treasures), which are spooned into the bottom of a wide, fairly shallow bowl. Then the bowl goes to the shaved ice machine, which covers the "toppings" with a snowy mountain. Over that goes a drizzle of sugar syrup, then a generous pour of sweetened condensed milk. The result tastes like snow ice cream with buried treats.
For Vietnamese shaved ice, you pick three ingredients, which are layered with the ice in a 10-ounce glass, then topped with syrup and coconut milk. It is more difficult to eat than the Taiwan version – and both are best if eaten quickly, before the ice melts.


Kirk said...

Hi Cherry - My Wife is addicted to this....She has to get some from Shau Mei Restaurant in Rowland Heights everytime we're in the vicinity!

Cherry said...

Oh wow!! Where is Shau Mei restaurant? I should check it out. I went to the one beside SF market. ( can't remember the name of the restaurant

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